spectacle petit présent pour grand futur compagnie artiflette

Synopsis of the show

There are 4 of them. 2 men, 2 women: Dan, Linda, Max and Nad. They were chosen by the “International Office of Bottles in the Interstellar Sea” (the IO of the BIS), for their scientific, organisational, pataphysical, literary and undulatory specialties. Their mission: collect new elements for updating the Golden Record sent into space in 1977 by NASA and recently returned to earth in Trifouillis les Olivettes, at Paulette’s house. They travel across France, going from village to village to meet the inhabitants. They are in a hurry to finish their collection. They are tired, they are starting to tire of this quest. The objective of this mission seems more and more illusory and inept to them. They are going to change course…

Show from 5 years old
Duration: 60 mns

Can be played indoors or outdoors

If the show begins facing the spectators, in a fairly traditional manner, it will then evolve towards a much more open relationship connecting with everyone, the actors and the spectators forming nothing more than  humanity which exchanges, questions itself, creates together .

Theatre music (accordion, tuba, trumpet, clarinet, flute, drums), songs and circus (balances, lifts, juggling, diabolo, ribbons) allow the characters to express all their energy, all their complexities, for the greatest joy of spectators of all ages!

Spectacle Petit présent pour grand futur

Statement of intent

Beyond the ever more worrying findings
Through a constantly renewed flow of information
By the quivering of a world that wavers
The reality of the crumbling of our world appears to us more and more tangible.
Collapse of the diversity of life, erosion of trust, of our ability to live together, authoritarianism, climate chaos…

Who are we in this story?

petit présent pour grand futur citation Rob Hopkins

“I think that in a certain way climate change is a failure of imagination. I would be so sad if on our epitaph as a civilization was: sorry, we couldn’t think of any other way of doing things”

Rob Hopkins

We are faced with many questions.

What traces do we want to leave?

How, in the tense flow of our lives, can we trace the contours of another way of being alive?

These questions are the heart of this adventure.

So let’s seize the opportunity!

For the duration of a show, let’s knit it all together and try to find together in the fog, the thread of a desirable future.

questionnement artistique

We want to take an offbeat look at this story, a look that invites us to laugh, to joyfully inhabit the world.

“When I work, I am serious like a child playing.” (Picasso, P.)

Fabrics, weaving, connecting, retouching, repairing, patching, tying…

Fabric as a scenographic tool, as a stage object, but also as a symbol of our frayed humanity, and of the fabric of the world to be mended, as Abdennour Bidar invites us to do in “The Weavers”.

spectacle à vélo Petits présents pour grand futur

From the character of circus, we wish to keep, more than the performance, the fragile gesture. Balance is not stability, but the search for the point located somewhere in the chaos of instabilities. We will use acrobatic lift and balance techniques, juggling and manipulation of objects: GRS ribbon, fabrics, balloons, diabolos…

For music, we have a varied instrumentarium (accordion, clarinet, trumpet, tuba, percussion, flute and singing) and explore a repertoire of music of various origins, drawing on the fairground imagination, song and folklore. We like music which accompanies the narration, mixing in and becoming another character. In this sense, we also work on various musical and sound materials: jingles, punctuations, effects, grooves…

We will address these questions and themes, through various theatrical forms, using the range of acting techniques that our courses backgrounds and training offer us: physical theatre, storyteller/mime artist, theatre of the invisible, clown, object theater, puppetry, the mask, the burlesque game…

A show created to make a show tour by bike

tournées spectacles Artiflette l'Artishow à vélo

Quiénes somos ?

Charlotte Boiveau Cie Artiflette spectacle Petit présent pour grand futur

Charlotte BOIVEAU / Actriz y saltadora de alambre

Charlotte Boiveau grew up in the world of theatre. After a Baccalaureate in “Circus Arts” at ENCC, she entered ESAC in Brussels. On leaving, she performed a wire rope solo And one thing led to another and she continued to train in clowning before joining the Artiflette Company for the creation of La Famille Fanelli. Charlotte’s work mixes circus and theatre, one serving the other alternately. In 2009, she joined Cie Singulière for the show “Apartés”. A particular form where reality and play intertwine and pushes us to question everyone’s place. From 2013 to 2015, she was in Germany in the “GOP” cabarets with “Plüfoli” that her character of the grandmother continued her journey.
Since 2016, in Bobines et Flacons, she has had fun with the clownish, mischievous and naive character of “Marie-Renée the spider” who defies the laws of balance by evolving in a fragile and unexpected setting.
In 2023, she followed the “Couturier/retoucher” training, to perfect her costume and set design. She is full of enthusiasm as she sets about textile research for the characters and settings of Petit(s) Present(s) pour Grand Futur.

Myriam VIENOT / Actress and singer

A musician since childhood, Myriam Vienot followed a DMA in sets and puppets at ENSAAMA in Paris. At the same time, she trained in theatrical acting with Philippe Gaulier and in singing with Roula Safar and Céline Lambre. Since 2005, she has been singing in Cie Artiflette shows and punctuating them with her accordion.
In 2014, she embarked on the adventure of a musical and burlesque solo Jeanne Bouton d’Or. A character with a strong, dynamic and incisive character, who evolves between French song and world songs in a very participatory form. Throughout her creations, she enjoys developing eccentric, offbeat and clownish characters in forms where improvisation and interaction have a preponderant place.
In 2016, in Bobines et Flacons, by addressing the youngest of audiences, “Lucette” strives to make the big difference between her concern for precision and small details and her touch of madness, even her totally wacky side . After 6 years of transporting an entire store of vials and coils in a large trailer, she can’t wait to throw herself body and soul into a lighter creation!

Myriam Vienot Cie Artiflette spectacle Petit présent pour grand futur
Mikaël Vienot Cie Artiflette spectacle Petit présent pour grand futur

Mikaël VIENOT / Acrobat and musician

Mikaël Vienot has been practicing circus arts since childhood with the creation of the “Mini Cirque de Barraux” (at age 7!) and at the circus school (Arc en cirque, Yole courses). He also learned music (flute, sax, percussion, etc.). After a year in Brazil, where he gave circus workshops and immersed himself in capoeira, he trained at ESAC in Brussels, specializing in hand to hand then trampoline.
In music, he broadens his palette towards brass instruments (sousaphone, trombone).
Since 2005, he has been working in the world of entertainment, in the street, indoors and under big tops, notably with Lebotrio (juggling trio on trampoline), Cie Singulière (“ApartéS”, “AmalgameS”), Le Ginger Brass Experiment ( lyrical singing and brass trio), Le Cheptel Aleikoum (“Opus7”, “Galathon”, “(V)ivre”), GOP cabarets, Cousins Germains (swing musette trio).
Sometimes a jack of all trades, sometimes a one-man band, today he is particularly fond of the meeting points between disciplines, people and worlds. He likes collective dynamics, working on them, taking care of them.

Olaf FABIANI / Actor and juggler

Olaf Fabiani trained in Italy, at the “Kiklos” theater school, then at Commedia Del Arte with Carlo Boso and Stefano Perrocco. After an experience with the Teatro Agricolo company in Livorono (IT), he continued to train with Norman Taylor, Ami Hattab, and Norbert Aboudharam. He joined the Artiflette Company in 2007 with the creation of La Famille Fanelli and since then, he has been chasing his diabolo.
In 2013, Le Rocket Tiger Circus was born, an awkward burlesque circus duo. With the Chez Guy et Freddy project, he puts himself at the service of dynamo bikes and their pedal-powered electricity by making the electrical energy produced by humans palpable.
During a 3-month journey with a pack donkey, Olaf Fabiani discovered the donkey’s capacity to be a vector of connection. Grési dos d’ânes is born: itinerant tours of shows on donkeys in Grésivaudan (38).
In 2018, he embarked on the Cirque à moi tout seul adventure where he navigates between storyteller and clown, which allows him great freedom.
In March 2023, he will participate in the 4th “Armodo” meeting, the Soft Fashion Arts network. This continues to invite him to travel, at a slow pace and to meet people through shows full of stories and poetry.

Olaf Fabiani Cie Artiflette spectacle Petit présent pour grand futur
Hélène Grange compagnie artiflette

Hélène GRANGE / Writing and Directing

Actress-singer and vocalist from Lyon, Hélène Grange has been working creatively around musical theatre since 1984 and more particularly in song since 2004. Music, text, improvisation and clowning are her tools. She sings other people’s songs, others write them for her, she also writes, free forms where voice and interpretation can play around with conventions.
Since 2004, she has been part of the collective of Lyon singers “Les Zondits”.
She created 2 musical theater shows, including “Tout le monde est pas moi” in 2006 which benefited from creation assistance from the DRAC Rhône-Alpes, the Rhône-Alpes region and the Rhône department.
She co-designs and stages theatrical-musical shows with actors, musicians, singers:

  • Myriam Viénot and Charlotte Boiveau of the Artiflette company (Jeanne Bouton d’Or and Bobines et Flacons),
  • Sandrine de Rosa and Jocelyne Condat from la cie Ces temps-ci (“I swallowed a seed”),
  • Patrick Sapin of La Tribu Hérisson (“Il souba del fono”, “We recognize the song”),
  • Isabelle Augier from the Elephant de Poche company,
  • And Claire Sabbagh, The Swing Brothers, Nadine Marchal and Stanislas Pierrel, Claude Lieggi, Véronique Vallet, Michel Sanlaville, Lorette Zitouni, and various vocal groups.


spectacle Petits présents pour grand futur

Myriam VIENOT, Charlotte BOIVEAU, Olaf FABIANI and Mikaël VIENOT
Long-time accomplices within the Cie Artiflette for some, the Cie Singulière or the GOP cabarets for others, this project is an opportunity to team up together: a coherent and stimulating whole, rich in our differences.

Following our collaboration for the staging of two of its latest creations, the company has chosen to call on Hélène Grange again for “Petit(s) Present(s) pour Grand Futur”.

Myriam VIENOT, Charlotte BOIVEAU, Olaf FABIANI and Mikaël VIENOT
Collaboration with Marine Faure, visual artist and painter, who has given the visual identity to Cie Artiflette for many years.

Charlotte BOIVEAU

“ Organisme de gestion collective des droits des artistes-interprètes : gestion des droits, aide financière aux projets, défense des intérêts et accompagnement de carrière. ” www.adami.fr

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