l'artishow à vélo. Tournées spectacles à vélo.

The Artishow Bike Tour

The Artiflette Company is organizing in 2024, over a period of 5 months, an innovative tour in using ‘soft transportation’: “The Artishow by bike”. During this tour, we will perform our new creation “Petit(s) Present(s) pour Grand Futur” (“Small presents for a great future”), as well as several short artistic interventions and will offer numerous creative activities as we pass by.

tournées spectacles artiflette l'artishow à vélo
Artishow tournée à vélo 2024

Travelling light

Our usual touring system consumes a lot of human and fossil energy. Today, we want to question this way of doing things, driven by ecological and social concerns and by our desire to live in the world differently. We feel a need for consistency with the choices we make on a daily basis.

By bike, on foot, we are light and slow! Roaming in soft transportation attracts us, in that it allows us to meet everyone, it gives a particular strength to the show by allowing us to experience encounters that take their time. Time to be in contact with the public as well as with the organizers. Time to try to understand the territory. This mode of touring questions, opens up our curiosity, and imagination… The few limited resources push us to invent and propel our imagination into new spaces.

Meeting the public, in their world, their village, city, neighbourhood, school, is an approach that makes sense for us. Allow everyone to be public, and not just regulars at cultural spaces. Simple meetings to reach everyone where they are. From one place to another, we like to think of ourselves as links, linkers, knitting needles. Finding in the crowd of one evening the person met a few kilometers before on the side of the road. And taking the risk  that this simplicity is touching, without pretence.

spectacle en mobilité réduite
artishow représentation spectacles à vélo dans les villages

Potential audiences

The all-terrain show, technically light, can be hosted in any type of venue: performance hall, indoor or outdoor festival, school, specialist organisations, faith communities, community café, or even in people’s gardens, etc. Each location is responsible for advertising the event, which does not prevent word of mouth and the public encountered on the road. Performances will be planned in schools, middle schools, high schools, as well as in venues welcoming the elderly or people with disabilities.

The ingredients of the tour

What are we offering?

  • The show Petit(s) Présent(s) pour Grand Futur – All audiences from 5 years old – Duration 60 minutes (circus, theatre, music).
  • A balancing act on a wire – Short piece lasting 10 minutes.
  • A musical repertoire (French songs to sing together and small orchestra).

Times of cultural mediation

Informal meeting times

  • Discussion time: After-show discussions around the themes of the show or soft transportation.
  • Cycle together! Possibility of riding with the team for a few kilometers, before the stage or towards the next one.
les spectacles artishow à vélo

Around the show

In each locality where a show will be scheduled, we wish to offer medical and social organisations  (for example retirement homes nursing homes, centres for people with learning disabilities, hospitals, etc.) the show, possibly with a time for worshops or discussions. There are two of us  in the Company who grew up with an “exceptional person”, so it is in our DNA to reach out to these audiences with a certain ease. Furthermore, Myriam Vienot, has extensive experience of performances for audiences of elderly people or people with disabilities.

tournées spectacles Artiflette l'Artishow à vélo
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